Human Development Report (Turkey 2008): Youth in Turkey

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This Report is part of a series of UNDP’s Human Development Reports, national and international. Human Development for a country means human progress for its people - enabling people to live long and healthy lives, based on living with substantial freedoms. It is thus defined as a process of broadening opportunities and strengthening human capabilities to enable people to make the choices they have reasons to value and to enjoy their basic human rights. Capabilities can vary in form and content, though they are also often closely interrelated. They include the enabling opportunities given by schooling, for example, or by the liberty and the economic means to move freely and to choose one’s abode. There are also important ‘social’ freedoms, such as the capability to participate in the life of the community, to join in public discussion and to participate in political decision-making.


Aygen Aytac, Berivan Elis, Dr. Ali Çarkoğlu, Dr. Hakan Ercan, Dr. Kezban Çelik

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