How to Engage Young People: Lessons from Lowell, MA

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The Paper is presenting experience of The Teen Block which is a department of the Lowell Community Health Center, through which it has access to medical and mental health professional services. It relies on this organizational structure, its staff, and a youth development model for engaging young people in their communities. Activities in the Teen Block are based on best practices and evidence-based research as well as on self-conducted needs assessments. Since the Teen Block was founded, Lowell has experienced an 18 percent decline in teen births. Adults who were former members have returned to help sustain its structure through volunteering, grant writing, and employment. Teen Block youth go onto higher education, obtain jobs, and contribute meaningfully to the art communities of Lowell.


Darcie DeAngelo, Masada Jones, Monica Veth, Sopheap Linda C. Sou

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