Global Analysis and Evaluation of National Action Plans on Youth Employment

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The present report has been prepared pursuant to resolution 58/133, in which the General Assembly requested the Secretary-General to include in his report to the General Assembly at its sixtieth session a global analysis and evaluation of national action plans on youth employment. Section II of the report provides an overview of the challenges relating to youth employment and puts this issue in the context of the Millennium Declaration, including the interlinked international agenda on development and collective security. Section III provides an analysis and evaluation of 39 national action plans or progress reports on youth employment. This section analyses both the policy and programmatic orientations of these action plans and the process by which they were developed. Section IV draws a series of conclusions from this analysis and section V concludes with a series of recommendations regarding the role of the Secretary-General’s Youth Employment Network as an enhanced peer exchange, support and review mechanism for catalysing action on youth employment at the national and global levels.

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