Follow-Up on Priority Issues in the Field of Social Development in the ESCWA Region - National Policies on Youth

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In light of the World Programme of Action for Youth adopted by the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia as a framework to guide its programme of work on youth, this report reviews the positions of member countries regarding the conceptual framework of youth policies, as well as their foundations and general principles. In addition, it presents a critical review of national youth policies in member countries and national youth policy integration into development plans. The report also highlights challenges and opportunities facing the process of planning for youth. Moreover, the report focuses on the necessity of reconsidering planning methods by evaluating and reviewing member countries’ achievements in developing cross-sectoral policies that focus on the priorities of several youth-related aspects. Finally, the report reaches conclusions and a set of recommendations about developing technical and institutional aspects of formulating national youth policies, in addition to providing the necessary funding. Representatives of member countries are requested to review the present document and submit their relevant observations and recommendations.

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