Entrepreneurship Programming for Urban Youth Centres

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This guide was developed in collaboration with the international Centre for sustainable Cities (known as the Sustainable Cities Foundation), with input from existing Urban Youth Centre staff and volunteers from several of the Centres’ youth-led and youth-serving partner organizations. It exists as one element of a growing library of reference guides for Urban Youth Centres present and future, including manuals on setting up an Urban Youth Centre, information management for youth workers and youth centres, program evaluation, and asset mapping, among others. a list of currently available titles in this series by UN-HABITAT is contained in the tools & resources section of this guide. The purpose of this guide is to provide urban Youth Centres, and municipalities in the process of setting up such Centres, with the following: • Context information about Urban Youth Centres and issues of youth-led development and under-employment in the urban setting, laying the groundwork for the Centre to implement its own Entrepreneurship Program • Practical advice for Centre Staff and Trainers on youth-led development, youth entrepreneurship programs, and effective training methods • Step-by-step instructions on how to effectively set up, roll out and then sustain an Entrepreneurship Program at an Urban Youth Centre • Helpful tools, templates and tips for getting started, running your program, tracking, monitoring and reporting


Melanda Schmid

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