Egypt Youth Employment National Action Plan

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There is increased awareness in Egypt that productive employment and decent work for young people cannot be achieved through fragmented and isolated interventions. Rather, it requires sustained, determined and concerted action by a wide number of actors. Importantly, it requires a coherent approach that articulates supportive policies centered on an integrated strategy for growth and job-creation as well as targeted interventions to help young people overcome the specific barriers they face in entering and remaining in the labor market. The National Action Plan (NAP) process in Egypt started in February 2006 with a Capacity Building Work-shop organized by ILO, GTZ and the YEN Secretariat under the leadership of the Ministry of Manpower and Migration (MoMM) of Egypt. The NAP was successfully launched in May 2009 in a national event organized by the ILO under the leadership of the MoMM. It builds on the partnership, contribution and commitment of a multiple number of actors.

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