Eggs in a Pan - Writings and Reflections

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'Eggs in a pan' is an exceptional journey through several decades of social and political development in Europe, as seen through the eyes of Peter Lauritzen, a sensitive communicator and well-informed analyst. In this collection of his written production, he reflects on a wide range of themes relevant to youth policy, youth work and youth research. This collection of Peter Lauritzen's work brings together writings, interviews and speeches from all stages of his professional career as an international civil servant at the Council of Europe, as well as from his activity in the youth and adult education fields from before he joined the institution in 1972. 'Eggs in a pan' is intended both as a tribute to the professional and as a lasting document of over thirty five years of development and growth in the youth sector of the Council of Europe, all of which Peter Lauritzen accompanied, and for which he was so instrumental.


Peter Lauritzen

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