Compass - Manual for Human Rights Education with Young People

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This manual provides young people with opportunities to understand and speak human rights. It also provides youth leaders, teachers, educators, professionals and volunteers with concrete ideas to motivate, engage and involve young people to take action for human rights in their own way, in their own community. This manual does not provide solutions. There are no ready-made solutions to poverty, discrimination, violence or intolerance. It does not contain answers to all questions about human rights either. What the manual does provide is an opportunity for those venturing into human rights education to explore these themes in a manner that is creative, involves young people and is, in itself, human rights education. Like a Compass, this manual indicates different ways and directions in a journey through human rights. Like a Compass, it can and should be used anywhere in Europe by anybody interested in human rights, democracy or citizenship.


Anastasia Nikitina, Ellie Keen, Justina Pinkeviciute, Laure De Witte, Nazila Ghanea, Patricia Brander, Rui Gomes

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