Commonwealth Youth Forum

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The Commonwealth Youth Forum takes place every two years before the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. It reflects the spirit of the Commonwealth and highlights the Commonwealth’s commitment to the principles of democracy and diversity.It provides young Commonwealth citizens with the opportunity to discuss issues, share their experiences, build consensus and identify best practices. Delegates from all Commonwealth nations attend the event and a final communique document is produced and presented to Heads of Government. Since 2013, the declaration of the Commonwealth Youth Forum has formed the work-plan of the Commonwealth Youth Council. The Commonwealth Youth Forum has taken placein:
  • 2003 - Abuja
  • 2005 - Malta
  • 2007 - Uganda
  • 2009 - Trinidad
  • 2011 - Australia
  • 2013 - Sri Lanka
  • 2015 - Malta
The documents listed below are the final Youth Communiques produced and agreed upon by the CYF. The years in the documents below correspond to the years of the CYF.

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