Commonwealth Youth Council


Commonwealth Youth Affairs Division


The Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC) is an pan-regional youth platform made up on representatives from national youth councils from the 53 members of the Commonwealth of Nations. CYC is a global platform which mainstreams young people; supporting and advocating for an enabling environment that facilitates the active participation and influence of young people in decision-making processes, and influence global agendas. It acts as a coalition of National Youth Councils and other youth-led civil society and private sector institutions. The CYC represents 1.2 billion young people from across Commonwealth countries and is supported by the Commonwealth Secretariat.

A number of documents are listed below:

  • English 2013 – Commonwealth Youth Council Constitution – The governing document of the CYC, its membership, executive, and general assembly.
  • English 2014 – Strategic Plan 2014-2016 – This strategic plan is designed to implement the Commonwealth Youth Forum/CYC General Assembly outcome document. The plan outlines the priorities and work plan of the CYC. It focuses on: youth and post-2015; education; youth employment; social cohesion; youth work.