Coaching Youth Initiatives

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Coaching Youth Initiatives Guide for Supporting Youth Participation 'Within the field of non-formal education in the youth sector, it has become increasingly evident that a variety of support methods and strategies are required to ensure active participation, quality standards, recognition, and even health and safety. The European YOUTH programme already has a well established system and understanding of ‘mentoring’, supporting individuals who are realising European Voluntary Service projects. Thus we asked ourselves if it could be possible to transfer a similar type of support to Youth Initiative projects? After consulting a wide range of practitioners supporting Youth Initiatives we felt that there is something quite different than mentoring that happens when supporting Youth Initiatives. We think mentoring describes best the relationship and activities required for individual support as in European Voluntary Service. But what about supporting a group of young people in a Youth Initiative project?'


Heike Hornig, Jochen Butt-Pośnik, Mario d’Agostino, Milena Butt-Pośnik, Nerijus Kriauciunas, Pascal Chaumette, Ülly Enn

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