'C'est plus compliqué que ça': A review of youth policy in Belgium by the international team of the Council of Europe

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The Council of Europe international youth policy review utilises the following framework: • Concepts of ‘youth’ and ‘youth policy’ • Legislation and finance • Structures for delivery • Policy domains • Cross-cutting issues • Research, training and dissemination In the case of Belgium, the internal priorities identified were as follows: In the Flemish Community: • The divide in the level of schooling which causes a political and socio-economic dichotomy • The ideological and cultural divide which makes that (still) some target groups are not reached: does multiculturalism work? • The role of the government/public authorities: up to what extend should it be steering; what is it the citizen can and/or should expect? The positioning of Youth Work in society? In the French-speaking Community: • The Youth Policy Plan is currently in preparation in the French-speaking Community. The process is already engaged and will continue during 2011 at least. The Cabinet of the Minister for Youth would like to get feedback, comments and suggestions on the methodology, the content, the process on the way. In the German-speaking Community: • Development of flexible instruments and methods, enabling a comprehensive and quality youth policy, based on knowledge and information - therefore: • Two main projects of the actual youth policy: a) reform of formation and training (in youth work) of young people, youth workers, youth leaders and b) creation of a new framework for/of youth policy. Both should be reached by: - The new funding decree for youth work. This decree will start in 2012. It will allow a better transversal approach in order to respect in a more holistic way young people’s life, enhance participation of young people and participation of the youth sector in the design and in the implementation of youth work, allow evaluation on the basis of quality and not only on the basis of quantity, reinforce the participation of the municipalities in design and implementation of youth policy.


Gazela Pudar

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