Caribbean Youth Policy Institute

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The Caribbean Youth Policy Institute (CYPI) is being established by Caribbean youth policy experts to support the growth and development of young people in the Caribbean by strengthening the quality of National Youth Policies (NYPs) and increasing the availability of experience youth policy experts, thereby offering our skills, resources and services to organizations that serve Caribbean Youth. We will aim to partner with community organizations, schools, colleges, policymakers, funders, international agencies, national governments, youth councils and other agencies to conduct research, facilitate training exchanges, develop NYPs and to lobby for a regional youth policy that encourages and enables young people to transition successfully into Caribbean adulthood. The Caribbean Youth Policy Institute (CYPI) will help Caribbean countries, youth organizations, and youth service providers adopt effective researched-based outcomes and best practices to advance youth development in the region. Our partners will include Government ministries, international and regional agencies, policy makers, NGOs, Civic society, the corporate community, institutions, colleges, schools, and youth organizations. The CYPI will provide technical assistance, youth policy reviews, conduct research, develop policies, share information and resources, and monitor and evaluate NYPs in the Caribbean region, all in an effort to strengthen the quality and effectiveness of NYPs in addressing the challenges facing Caribbean Youth. The document below outlines the vision, mission, rationale, structure and programme of activities of the Caribbean Youth Policy Institute.

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