Asia - Pacific Interagency Group on Youth - Meeting Records

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Youth occupies an important place in the agenda of international development. As a consequence, the Asia-Pacific Interagency Group on Youth was established to support the regional implementation of the World Programme of Action on Youth, the Millennium Development Goals and international conventions and legal instruments affecting young people, through working with governments, development partners, other stakeholders and young people themselves. Membership of the Interagency Group comprises UN system entities as well as other key stakeholders, including: ESCAP (acting as chair), FAO, ILO, IOM, PLAN International, UNAIDS, UNDP, UNEP, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNMC, UNODC, USAID and WHO. The Interagency Group undertakes joint advocacy for implementing policies that provide youth with opportunities to build their capacity and contribute to development, as well as protect them from negative social and environmental influences. It also is involved in information sharing and networking, enhancing cooperation and coordination, and dissemination of innovative/good practices and lessons. The year commencing on 12 August 2010 (International Youth Day) has been proclaimed the International Year of Youth (IYY) by the United Nations General Assembly. The theme of the IYY is “dialogue and mutual understanding”. The Interagency Group, through a Task Force, is actively involved in organizing national and regional level events and activities for the IYY focusing on key youth development needs. Here you can find Terms of Reference (TOR) and all Records of Meetings, as well as all Meeting Minutes of the UN YouthTask Force for the Commemoration of the International Youth Year.