Arab States' Youth Coalition for Population and Development - Call to Action

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CAIRO, Egypt — Responding to the specific needs of the youth in the Arab region, 70 young leaders from all over the region convened in Cairo for the second time from 22 through 23 June 2013, in an effort to reinforce the Arab States’ Youth Coalition for Population and Development as the first regional platform ensuring that the rights of young people are met, respected, and protected. In anticipation of the Regional Conference on Population and Development in the Arab States, taking place in Cairo from 24 through 26 June 2013, the Coalition issued a Call to Action focusing on the following six thematic areas: (1) Youth and Migration, (2) Youth Participation, (3) Sexual and Reproductive Health (4) Changing Family Formation, (5) Population, Environment, and Climate Change, and (6) Gender and Gender-based Violence.

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