A Potpourri of Participation Models

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This collection of 36 models from 1969 to 2012 details different models and theories of participation. This selection provides imagery, excerpts and original introductions and explanations. This resource pools together some of the most used and debated models and concepts in youth and citizen participation and provides an in depth overview for new and experience practitioners, academics and individuals. The featured participation models are: - Ladder of citizen participation Sherry Arnstein - Ladder of children participation Roger Hart - Typology of participation Sarah White - Degrees of participation Phil Treseder - Wheel of participation Scott Davidson - Spectrum of public participation IAP2 [latest version from 2007, see comments below] - Active participation framework OECD - Pathways to participation Harry Shier - Clarity model of participation Clare Lardner - Strategic approach to participation UNICEF - Triangle of youth participation Jans & de Backer - Youth participation in society Jans & de Backer - Dimensions of youth participation David Driskell - Seven realms of participation Francis & Lorenzo - Ladder of volunteer participation Adam Fletcher - Youth engagement continuum FCYO - Four Cs of online participation Derek Wenmoth - Power law of participation Ross Mayfield - Levels, spaces and forms of power John Gaventa - The CLEAR Participation Model Lawndes & Pratchett - Four L Engagement Model Tony Karrer - Participation 2.0 Model New Zealand - Spectrum of public participation IAP2 [first version from 2000) - Engagement in the policy cycle Diane Warburton - Online Participation Behaviour Chain Fogg & Eckles - Key dimensions of participation Driskell & Neema - Matrix of participation Tim Davies - Pathways through participation NCVO & IVR - Changing views on participation Pedro Martín - Ladder of online participation Bernoff & Li - Online participation across age Rick Wicklin - Three-lens approach to participation DFID-CSO - Behavior Grid BJ Fogg - The Participation Tree Harry Shier - Typology of Youth Participation Wong et al. - Six principles of online participation Tim Davies - The Yinyang Model Shier et al.


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