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  • Country: International
  • Publisher: Cologne Science Publisher/Kölner Wissenschafts Verlag
  • Frequency of Publication: Bi-Annually
  • Published: Forthcoming Publication
  • ISSN: Not yet available
  • Language: German (Primarily)
  • Weblink: http://voluntariszff.wordpress.com


  • Volunteer Service
  • Policies and Politics of Volunteer Services
  • Pedagogical Support - Concepts and Quality
  • Quality and Evaluation of Volunteer Services
  • Theoretical and Conceptual Considerations on Volunteer Services
  • Comparative Perspectives of Volunteer Services (within a national and international scope)

Voluntaris – Journal of Volunteer Services is a new academic journal which aims to combine scientific and applied perspectives on volunteer services. The 1st volume is scheduled for 2013.

Although the journal´s primary language is German the editors want to foster the international academic exchange on volunteer services, volunteerism, citizenship service and related topics. This is why explicitly international authors are encouraged to submit their papers.

Articles are welcome from authors with scientific or applied background. They should relate to volunteer services with a theoretic, conceptual, programmatic or empirical approach. Emerging researchers are encouraged to submit their findings from their master’s or doctoral thesis.

Potential thematic fields for contributions:

  • Policies and Politics of volunteer services in a given national context;
  • Concepts and quality of pedagogical support;
  • Quality and evaluation of volunteer services;
  • Theoretical and conceptual considerations on volunteer services;

Comparative perspectives of volunteer services within a national and international scope.

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