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  • Residential care and Public Policy
  • Programmes and Funding
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Organisational Development
  • Psycho-Diagnostic Assessment
  • Special Education and Vocational Curriculums for Residential Students

Residential Treatment for Children & Youth provides research and case studies to help you plan and assess specialized programs for treatment of substance abuse, dual diagnosis, severe emotional disturbance, and sexual offenders, as well as for children who have suffered maltreatment and abuse.

In-depth clinical papers focus on particular models of milieu or individual treatment, including psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, behavioral, psychoeducational, peer-culture, and other approaches. Moreover, practical articles address the specific management and administrative issues that beset residential care homes. Case studies suggest new ways to manage agency change and handle clinical paradigm shifts, as well as establish community networks, undertake innovative funding efforts, and maintain necessary staff stability.

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