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  • Country: International
  • Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group Ltd.
  • Frequency of Publication: Quarterly
  • Published: From: 2008 To: Present
  • ISSN: 1936-1653 (Print) 1936-1661 (Electronic)
  • Language: English
  • Weblink:


  • LGBT Youth
  • Formal and Non-Formal Education
  • Gender and Development
  • Gender Identity and Sex Roles
  • Youth Culture
  • Sociology
  • Social Policy
  • Sociology of Culture
  • Peer Culture
  • Family
  • Religious Institutions
  • Youth Organisations
  • Media
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Work
  • Health Care

The Journal of LGBT Youth is the interdisciplinary forum dedicated to improving the quality of life for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth. This quarterly journal presents peer-reviewed scholarly articles, practitioner-based essays, policy analyses, and revealing narratives from young people. This invaluable resource is committed to advancing knowledge about, and support of, LGBT youth. The wide-ranging topics include formal and non-formal education; family; peer culture; the media, arts, and entertainment industry; religious institutions and youth organizations; health care; and the workplace.

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