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  • Country: International
  • Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group Ltd.
  • Frequency of Publication: Quarterly
  • Published: From: 1987 To: Present
  • ISSN: 0267-3843 (Print) 2164-4527 (Electronic)
  • Language: English
  • Weblink:


  • Psychological Growth and Development
  • Health and Medical Care
  • Delinquency
  • Social Policy
  • Family Relationships
  • Sex Education
  • Homelessness

The aim of the Journal is to identify, examine and compare particular issues, problems and policies related to adolescents and youth throughout the world. Subject areas covered include psychological growth and development, health and medical care, delinquency, social policy, employment/unemployment, education and training, spiritual and physical development, leisure, family relationships, sex education, homelessness.

The Journal will be of interest to researchers in those areas, university and other higher education institutions, as well as to international, central and local government and voluntary organizations and field work agencies. Readership will include those involved in sociology, psychology, teacher training, medicine, public administration and counselling.

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