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The Pan African Youth Union (UPJ/PYU), is the coordinating body for youth organizations at the national, regional and continental Africa. The UPJ/PYU has a mandate from the African Union Heads of State (July 2006 Summit) and has headquarters in Khartoum, Sudan. The UPJ/PYU is an advisory agency for the Youth Commission of the African Union and is currently supported by the African Union Youth Programme. There are competing regional and sub-regional organisations across Africa. The UPJ/PYU is a member of the International Coordination Meeting of Youth Organisations (ICYMO) and is recognised as the regional youth platform from Africa. In 2016 the UPJ/PYU signed a cooperation agreement with the Commonwealth Youth Council to strengthen regional youth representation. More information can be found here:


The UPJ/PYU works to complete the Action Plan of the Decade of African Youth. Participation is through national youth councils, organisations, and association in countries across the region. A full member list is currently unavailable, but should be located under the "Members" section on the UPJ/PYU website.