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Youth Work Documentary: Don Popo & Familia Ayara using hip-hop and dance to create hope

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“We believe youth has the key to change. They have the strength to create social transformation.” Don Popo and Familia Ayara work in Bogotá, Colombia, with young people who have been abused. In our youth work documentary we show how young people who have never touched a microphone embrace hip-hop because it’s not about knowing - but about feeling, about hope, and about challenging the laws of gravity.

In 2012 we started a series of youth work documentaries, in which we portray youth workers and youth work projects from around the the world.

The first documentary took us to Leicester in the United Kingdom, where Yasmin Sheikh, Rashid Aslam and Irfan Yusuf introduced us to their boxing project. The second documentary showcased Basketbeat, a collaboration between El Casal dels Infants and Ribermúsica in Barcelona, Spain. Ousman Jallow, José Ramon Mariñes, Aly Dieng, Dioulde Balde, Amine Sonko, Abdelmounim Simek, Marta Vallespin, Kristian Draxl and Josep Ma Aragay showed us how Bàsquet Beat makes young people feel like being part of the community - thanks to the music.

In this third documentary we travel to Bogotá, Colombia, where the Fundación Artistica y Cultural La Familia Ayara works through hip-hop with young people who have been mentally, physically or sexually abused. Hip-hop has several forms of expression: “rapping, our poetry; breakdancing, our dance; graffiti, our fine arts; and discjockeying, embodying the movement’s musicality.” But hip-hop is much more than an artistic expression, it is a social, political and transformational movement.

“We believe youth has the key to change. They have the strength to create social transformation. It’s them we have to inspire so that they can believe in themselves. And we inspire them through art. We believe in art. Above all, in the art of hip-hop.”

Meet Diego Ibarguen-Shoko, B. Girl Viviana, Diana Katerine Ortega, Santiago Alvarado, Camilo Hernández, Josimar Moreno, Peter Sinisterra, and MC Bob - enjoy this documentary by Gonzalo Escuder & Nacho Gómez with music by Don Popo, Cynthia Montaño and more:

Don Popo & Familia Ayara - A youth work documentary from Youthpolicy on Vimeo.

“Youth needs hope. The hope that it is possible to change reality. They need to dream. And hip-hop gives them the chance to dream.”

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