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Resources, Guides and Background Reading on Youth Participation and a Call for Further Reading

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There’s been quite a bit of research and writing about international youth participation, and some interesting examples of practice available. Here you’ll find some relevant and useful resources for the symposium and links to further reading from the likes of IPPF, Commonwealth Youth Programme, Commonwealth Secretariat, UNICEF, Plan UK and Youth Climate. Please let us know if we’ve missed any by leaving a comment at the bottom.

Setting Standards for Youth Participation

A Self Assessment Guide for Governance and Programmes - IPPF

Participation in the Second Decade of Life - What and Why

Practical models and tools for putting the ideas and commitments of the UN General Assembly’s 2002 Special Session on Children into practice - Commonwealth Youth Programme, Commonwealth Secretariat

Child and Youth Participation Resource Guide


Promoting Children Participation in Democratic Decision Making

Practical guidance on the lessons learned to date in working with children as partners. A contribution to the development of tools for those who see children’s rights to be heard as a means of promoting and protecting their other rights. - UNICEF

If Youth Could Redesign the World… (Executive Summary)

Report Prepared by the Youth Task Force, an initiative of the Young Global Leaders as part of the Global Redesign Initiative for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, Davos, Switzerland, January 2010

Youth Climate: The movements coming of age

Analysis, lessons and Recommendations from young people at COP15, Climate Change Negotiations in Copenhagen, 2009 - Youth Climate

Does young people’s participation in government decision making make a difference?

A summary of an external evaluation of Plan UK’s Governance Programme - December 2010

Evaluation and lessons from Plan UK’s Governance Programme