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Youth Policy’s Curated List of Research Documents on the Post-2015 Development Process

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This page details the seventeen research documents that were used to guide’s research and the composition of our upcoming article on the post-2015 development processes and outcomes of the High Level Panel. See the main article, for context, here:Post-2015: The signal from the noise, andthe details of the research process here.

The 17 curated documents, in alphabetical order by organisation or country:

  1. African Youth Declaration on post-2015 Agenda - African Youth Voices: The Future We Want
  2. Beyond 2015 CWYG - Open Letter to High Level Panellists from youth partners in development
  3. Child Fund Alliance - Voices of girls and boys in shaping the post 2015 agenda
  4. DFID CSO YWG - Youth Voices on a Post-2015 World
  5. Declaration of Mindelo
  6. Each One Teach One World - Hear Our Voice: This is the world we want
  7. Gambia National Children and Youth Consultation on the Post-2015
  8. Generation Development - Our Goals
  9. Major Group for Children & Youth - Contribution to the Outcome Document of Rio+20
  10. Nigeria National Youth Position Paper - Post-2015
  11. Restless Development/UNFPA - The World We Want - Tanzanian Youth Perspectives on Development Beyond 2015
  12. Save the Children - Ending Poverty in Our Generation
  13. UNFPA - Global Youth Forum Declaration
  14. UN High Level Panel Forum - Bali Multistakeholder Youth Meeting - Putting Youth at the Heart of Development
  15. UNICEF UK - The World We Want to Live In - UK Children and Young People’s Views on the Post 2015 Development Agenda
  16. UN Women & UNCIEF - Global Thematic Consultation on Addressing Inequalities
  17. Wada Na Todo Abhiyan - The World We Want - Looking Beyond 2015 - Voices from India