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Development Needs Youth! (3rd Edition): Facts and Examples of Youth Organisation Initiatives

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This, the third edition of Development Needs Youth!, aims to provide more facts and examples on initiatives and processes that youth organisations are undertaking at various levels, from the grassroots to the national and the global scale. Compiled and promoted by the European Youth Forum, it highlights that while young men and women are agents of change, targeted youth participation in development policies are still lacking.

Development Needs Youth!

This is the thirdedition ofDevelopment Needs Youth! A publication compiled and promoted by The European Youth Forum.

Itaims to provide more factsand examples on initiatives and processesthat youth organisations are undertakingat various levels, from the grassrootsto the national and the global scale.

Youngwomen and men are full agents in theircommunities and societies. Nevertheless,targeting youth in development policies isstill not being sufficiently addressed. Whilerecognition of their value is growing, muchwork is left to be done.


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