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Schooling for the Future: Education, Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

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This week /environment is focusing education. We hear from the UK Youth Climate Coalition who are fighting against moves to remove climate change from the British national curriculum, from Joseph in America where students are winning campaigns to get their universities to divest from fossil fuels, and from Kennedy in Kenya on opportunities for young people to influence the shape of education for sustainable development.

Rio20_MGCY_YB-LogoKennedy Liti Mbeva writes from Kenya about the opportunities young people have to engage with and influence the future of education sustainable development as a replacement to the Millennium Development Goals are developed between now and 2015. He writes of a need for education to include informal learning outside of the classroom, and for programmes which are designed and led by young people themselves.

You can read his blog here.

Louisa Casson writes from the UK where the government is proposing to remove all mention of climate change and sustainable development from the national curriculum for 4-14 year olds, Louisa argues that in order for a new climate smart society to be built, climate change must be taught in schools.

You can read her blog here.

FF-logoJoseph Lanzillo writes from the United States where students are fighting - and winning the battle - to get their universities to divest their endowment funds worth billions of dollars from the fossil fuel industry, and how this is just the beginning of a sea-change in public opinions of fossil fuel companies

You can read his blog here.

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