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3.1.1. Intergovernmental and supranational organizations Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie

The International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF) brings together 55 member states and governments and 13 observer states around their common language, French, spoken by 200 million people worldwide and the official language of 32 OIF member states.

Conférence des Ministres de la Jeunesse et des Sports des Etats et Gouvernements ayant le français en partage (CONFEJES)


The Conference of the Youth and Sports Ministers of French-speaking Countries (CONFEJES) plays a leading role in the field of youth and sports by focusing on a strategic dialogue between political and social partners to improve youth and sports policies and elaborate programs in these areas, which are relevant to the contemporary situation of young people in the member states of the OIF.

Francophonie Youth Portal


This portal enables French-speaking young people all over the world to find out more about OIF activities of relevance to them.

Network of International Nongovernmental Organizations Cooperating with the OIF


Since 2005, 63 international nongovernmental organizations and other international civil society organizations have had consultative status with the OIF. Many of these have specific programs for developing the civic and social engagement of young people or young people are beneficiaries of their programs. It is also a mechanism through which youth organizations can develop policy dialogue with governments.

Volontariat Francophone


OIF aims to support the development of young people’s active and responsible citizenship and works with youth up to the age of 30. OIF’s three main areas of programming for/with youth are: (1) meetings among French-speaking young people about issues of society, politics, and policy making that concern them; (2) technical assistance to member states to reinforce their national youth policies and intersectoral policies that affect young people; and (3) support and encouragement of French-speaking young people to get involved in the Francophonie volunteer program.

More information on the opportunities for youth available from the OIF is available in the Mapping of Donors Active in the International Youth Sector.