Why the International Environmental Movement is Failing and the Ways Forward

Introducing four articles authored by Luke Kemp, looking at how the environmental movement could and should reform to learn from their enemies and achieve environmental justice More 


Votes not Vetoes: A New Way to Cut a UN Climate Deal

For some, the UNFCCC is a lost cause; the political deadlock unbreakable. But could a switch from consensus to majority voting be the key to unlocking the negotiations? More 


The latest report from the IPCC: what does it mean for young people?

The IPCC released the second part of it’s Fifth Assessment Report yesterday. We cover the headlines, what it means for young people and policy, and top resources for more information. More 

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The Second Coming of Copenhagen?

As the 2014 negotiating year ground into action in Bonn last week, Luke Kemp takes a look at the dynamics surrounding the failure to create a global deal in Copenhagen in 2009, how those dynamics still exist, and the role of civil society and youth in changing them. More 


The way here and the way forward: negotiating a new climate agreement

As the first round of climate talks of 2014 draw to a close in Bonn, Nathan Thanki takes an in-depth look at the ADP and what progress has been made to date. More 

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Crossroad on Earth

Results so far of the UN’s survey of people’s priorities for the next global development agenda have action on climate change in last place. Reem Al Mealla takes a look at why this might be, and what it means. More 


Interview: Outgoing YOUNGO Focal Points Jamie Peters and Liang-Yi Chang

Newly ‘retired’, Jamie Peters and Liang-Yi Chang talk to /environment about their experiences as YOUNGO’s focal points for 2013, what’s next for the constituency and their advice for their successors. More 


Climate change, sustainable development and security are coming together, and Asia must drive the post-2015 global agenda and global goals

Redistribution has been kept out of the agenda of the United Nations, and a new global agenda, goals and rules to share responsibility and prosperity can lead to a new world. More 


Contesting Civil Society’s Participation at the UN Climate Negotiations: A Grassroots Approach

Perla Hernandez writes about why the Canadian Youth Delegation decided not to attend COP19 in Warsaw and the need for grassroots mobilisation. More 

The Inteq Working Group at COP19

Getting Inteq in the Text: Intergenerational Equity at COP19

Intergenerational Equity was one of the few good news stories coming out of YOUNGO, and out of COP19. Ellie catches up with Luke to find out what happened and how. More