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Youth in the News | January 2012

Youth in the News | January 2012 |


Davos panel: Can we avert a lost generation?
Blogpost by Emi Kolawole for the Washington Post

Young people have been the focus of a number of meetings at this year’s World Economic Forum. But for me, one discussion in particular stood out: a panel convened to explore the potential of a lost generation.

Davos 2012: Youth unemployment ‘disaster’
Feature by Tim Weber for the BBC

When usually quietly spoken company bosses from all corners of the earth warn of “not a crisis, but a disaster,” when they call something a “cancer in society,” you know we have a problem. The world, they say, is “sitting on a social and economic time bomb”. The world is plagued by youth unemployment.

Youth unemployment crisis sparks Davos leaders into action
Article by Larry Elliott, Jill Treanor and Toby Helm for the Guardian

The difficulties of young people leaving school for a world that offers ever more limited job opportunities were high on the agenda at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Politicians, economists and bankers said action was essential.

Jobless generation hungry for change
Special report on investing in young people by the Financial times (pdf)

From the Arab uprising to protests against rising tuition fees and the Occupy movement, 2011 was a year in which young people’s voices achieved unprecedented prominence. But the protests have also highlighted the severe challenges many young people face.

The best I can do for today’s youth is quit
Essay by Lucy Kellaway

I got excited and started sharpening my pencil, as I’m pretty sure I have the perfect answer to the question of youth unemployment. My essay is quite short – what I would do can be summarised in one word: resign.

EU leaders wake up to youth jobs crisis
Report by EurActiv

Young people should be offered a good job within four months after leaving school, EU leaders will say at an informal summit. The measure was criticised as empty rhetoric by European socialists.

Spain’s lost generation: youth unemployment surges above 50 per cent
Article by Fiona Govan for the Telegraph

More than half of young Spaniards are out of work, according to fresh statistics, signalling a lost generation that has been hit hardest by Spain’s economic woes, as the total number of unemployed surged above five million.


UN to appoint representative for youth
Article at the European Political newspaper

The youth of the world will soon gain better representation on the global stage. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon announced on 25 January that he will appoint a new special representative of youth to provide a voice for young people in his office.

UN chief outlines five-year action plan to build ‘the future we want’
Press release of the United Nations News Centre

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon outlined a series of actions he believes the global community must take over the next five years to build “the future we want.” Mr. Ban also announced that he will appoint a new special representative for youth.

United Nations turns to youth
Feature story by UN Habitat

UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon has pledged to engage more firmly with young people around the world saying he will appoint a UN Special Representative. “Our Agenda starts with expanded opportunities for young people.”

United Nations: A New Special Representative for Youth will be appointed
Blog post at Voices of Youth

In his remarks to the General Assembly, Mr. Ban Ki-moon said: “Let us start with young people. Today we have the largest generation of young people the world has ever known. They are demanding their rights and a greater voice in economic and political life.”


Television ‘misrepresents’ young people
Article by John Plunkett for the Guardian

Broadcasters negatively stereotype young people, says BBC-commissioned report. The survey of viewers and industry experts found that more than 40% of young people were dissatisfied with the way they were portrayed on screen.

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  1. Thanks for some excellent links, which I’ll circulate. Must confess I struggle to get excited about the idea of a UN representative for Youth. It’s probably a legacy of my political past and prejudice, but I still see the UN as a bureaucracy controlled in the end by a cabal of imperialist thieves! But I’ve often been wrong!

    Best wishes


    • I guess the Nairobi #youth21 events in mid-March will shed some more light on the youth representative. I think we are not alone in being sceptically curious about what remains once the dust has settled. So far, most of the excitement seems to be generated by and through the various UN agencies dealing with youth… Let’s see whether and how far it spreads; we’ll certainly follow the developments closely!

      Also see, the new website by UN-HABITAT and UNDP, who are hosting the “Building for Change Stakeholder Meeting and Global Youth Leadership Forum” from 15- 18 March in Nairobi.