Celebrating 200 fact sheets in 200 days

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Nothing to hide, everything to fear: On the way towards digital freedom

Nothing to hide, everything to fear: On the way towards digital freedom


Youth policy resources: participation structures

Participation structures

Our overview of structures, spaces and places showcases arenas for international youth participation: how and where can young people engage? More 

Youth policy resources: audits and reviews

Youth policy reviews

We assess the impact of public policies on the rights of all young people through independent reviews by local youth research teams. More 

Youth policy resources: online library

Youth policy library

Our online library has thousands of documents and is searchable by name, author, keyword, institution, region – in any combination. More 

Youth policy resources: fact sheets

Youth policy fact sheets

Our new youth policy fact sheets provide an introduction to the state of youth policies, youth rights and youth participation for 198 countries. More 


Youth Policies in Cameroon: Evaluating Theory and Practice

Youth Policies in Cameroon: Evaluating Theory and Practice

The problem in Cameroon has never been the lack of institutions, policies and laws on youth, but rather the absence of political willingness to effectively monitor and implement these laws and policies. With youth being widely perceived as an unprosperous group, fit only to be manipulated, what could be promising ways ahead? More 

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Part I: Our Flawed Fortune: Should we persist with the UN Climate Negotiations?

In the first in the series ‘Curing the Climate Zombie’, regular writer Luke looks at the flaws that undermine the UNFCCC’s ability to achieve agreement & action on climate change. More 


Youth Worker Interviews: Hairy memories and very fond memories

In this extract, the youth worker discusses humour as a tool in youth work and the value key to the profession. More 

The fellowship of the hashtag

The fellowship of the hashtag

In this article, we look at the work of the social media fellows who reported from the 2014 World Conference on Youth, and more widely at the role of independent reporting in the youth sector. More