Youthful Cities Global Summit: Cities are full of youth, but are they “youthful”?

In 2014, 50% of the world’s population was under 30 years old, with more than the half of the world’s total population living in cities. Today the YouthfulCities Global Summit has kicked off with over 100 urban planners and thinkers attending in Toronto, Canada. The week long summit will conclude with the launch of the latest YouthfulCities Index, which will honour the most youthful city of 2015 based on the most recent data from young researchers and young people. Here’s some context to what’s going on this week.

Generation Crisis - Group Photo

Generation Crisis: One crisis, one problem, one Europe – one solution?

When talking about youth-related issues in the European Union, ‘unemployment’ has become one of the buzzwords in the last few years. Since the Union was heavily hit by the crisis in 2007, the employment situation especially in the South has considerably worsened: More than half of young people cannot find decent work. What does this mean for the realities of young Europeans? How have their lives changed? What is their reaction? An insight in what is now known as the “Generation Crisis.”


Gaps, Gapes and Gulfs: Data (or the lack thereof) on how youth participate around the world

What happens when you want to know if a campaign to increase youth volunteerism is effective, but then you realise you’re missing some key information: how many young people are volunteers to begin with? While seemingly simple, this piece of basic data is the essential to understanding if interventions are making any impact. The following looks at the limited state of youth participation data, and one Mexican organization’s quest to change that.