Omar*, 13, from Daraa in Syria, flies a kite in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan.

Gazing into our crystal ball: what will influence the youth sector in the year ahead?

The world for children and youth in 2015 was – at best – a mixed bag. Advancements in LGBT rights, a deal on climate change and a UN Security Council resolution on young people were positive, but were set against terrorist attacks, an unfolding humanitarian crisis in Syria and the Middle East and the closing of space for civil society and youth. What does 2016 hold for the international youth sector? Here are our top 5 “things to look out for” that we think will shape the months ahead.


Pushing past rhetoric, towards action for children and youth: A new global research project

As the space for civil society is increasingly constrained and denied, a new youth-led report, “From rhetoric to action: Towards an enabling environment for child and youth development in the Sustainable Development Goals” finds that there are major hindrances to child and youth development across the globe. Through this, young people find innovative ways to raise their voice and activism, create meaningful livelihoods and protect themselves and their community from harm.

UN Security Council adopts milestone resolution on youth, peace and security

UN Security Council adopts milestone resolution on youth, peace and security

Today, for the first time in the history of the United Nations, the Security Council – one of the six principal organs of the UN. charged with the maintenance of international peace and security – has adopted a resolution on young people. This is not the first time the Security Council considers youth issues, but it’s a milestone because it changes fundamentally how the Security Council considers young people. Read on for details about the resolution and voices from the key actors who have pushed for its adoption.