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First Global Forum on Youth Policy: Our top 10 essential reading list

First Global Forum on Youth Policy: Our top 10 essential reading list


Youth policy resources: global overview

Youth policy database

We maintain a database of national youth policies for all ~200 states and publish an annual report on the state of youth policy. More 

Youth policy resources: online library

Youth policy library

Our online library has thousands of documents and is searchable by name, author, keyword, institution, region – in any combination. More 

Youth policy resources: introduction and faq

What is youth policy?

We have written an overview of and introduction to youth policy at national, at regional and at international level – our youth policy faq. More 

Youth policy resources: fact sheets

Youth policy fact sheets

Our new youth policy fact sheets provide an introduction to the state of youth policies, youth rights and youth participation for 198 countries. More 


How can youth work help create a more tolerant future?

From challenging yourself to challenging racism: How can youth work help create a more tolerant future?

Riin Lumiste, International Youth Work Coordinator at Tähe Youth Club in Tartu, Estonia, here tells of how a youth exchange brought to light the troubling spectre of racism in our societies, and calls for action to overcome intolerance. More 


Curing the Climate Zombie Part V: Bringing Power to Paris

The climate talks are destined for a future as a legal zombie, yet all roads lead back to the UNFCCC and there are numerous ways of reforming it. In the final part of the ‘Curing the Climate Zombie’ series, Luke and Tom consider the role of youth in reforming the UNFCCC, and creating a joined up movement across bodies for climate action. More 


Open Data Revolution: What’s beyond the hype?

The role of data in development has been articulated at the highest policy levels. The Post-2015 Development Agenda report called for a “data revolution for sustainable development, with a new international initiative to improve the quality of information available to citizens”. Enthusiasm around Open Data stems from the expectation that greater quantities of accessible data will help researchers, advocates and decision-makers gain new insights and empower people. However, for the potential of a data revolution to be realised, serious challenges in relation to control, capacity, access, efficacy and privacy must be addressed. More 

Celebrating 200 fact sheets in 200 days

The deep, the dark, the dusty: 200 fact sheets, 200 days, now one click away

Creating our Youth Policy Fact Sheets was an exercise in information excavation: to dig into the deep, dark and dusty corners of youth research, data and statistics, and to bring them to light. Much data on youth exists, but is often not collated in comprehensive or comparable ways. Our fact sheets allow, for the first time, comparisons across youth policy contexts around the world – from Bogota to Bamako, from Sofia to Seoul. We are excited about our fact sheets deepening the available knowledge of the situation for young people, but also about them enabling further interrogation, inquiry and research. More