UNFCCC Bonn, "Kick Big Polluters Out", 2015.

Bad Intentions? Influencing the New International Climate Agreement

The upcoming international climate agreement has been on the radar of the environmental governance discourse recently, with momentum building towards reaching an ambitious agreement to stave off dangerous climate change. As emphasis shifts to the national level, the youth climate movement – particularly YOUNGO – could have real influence in shaping a new global agreement. With the Pope on their side, can YOUNGO coordinate the local-global action effectively, and succeed against a history of COP failures?

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Creating the Youth Policy Fact Sheets: A technical perspective on the road to ninja

The is the first in a series of articles exploring the technical development of some of the features on youthpolicy.org. It is aimed at the technology community and is written for those interested in creating digital spaces and systems for storing and visualising data. We frequently see data presented in beautiful and exciting ways, but how is this made? How do we keep these fresh, up-to-date and accessible? Warning: Tech speak is abundant, but be brave and see the challenges we faced in creating our Fact Sheets landing page.


Youthful Cities Global Summit: Cities are full of youth, but are they “youthful”?

In 2014, 50% of the world’s population was under 30 years old, with more than the half of the world’s total population living in cities. Today the YouthfulCities Global Summit has kicked off with over 100 urban planners and thinkers attending in Toronto, Canada. The week long summit will conclude with the launch of the latest YouthfulCities Index, which will honour the most youthful city of 2015 based on the most recent data from young researchers and young people. Here’s some context to what’s going on this week.