Gaps, Gapes and Gulfs: Data (or the lack thereof) on how youth participate around the world

What happens when you want to know if a campaign to increase youth volunteerism is effective, but then you realise you’re missing some key information: how many young people are volunteers to begin with? While seemingly simple, this piece of basic data is the essential to understanding if interventions are making any impact. The following looks at the limited state of youth participation data, and one Mexican organization’s quest to change that.

Protest in support of Russian activists, Pussy Riot.

Participation in 2015: A positive explosion of youth or a struggle to stay relevant?

“Youth” is everywhere right now. With a massive growth in the number of structures alongside street protests in cities across the world, young people’s participation is in the spotlight. But how is this conceived, written about, debated and experienced by academics, institutions, practitioners and young people? Here are six reasons why traditional youth participation faces real challenges to its legitimacy, purpose, and approaches.

An introduction to the redesign of youthpolicy.org

A facelift for youthpolicy.org: rethinking how we present data on youth policy and youth issues

How time flies! Three years of building an evidence-base for youth policy have gone by, with several extensions of our website to accommodate libraries, fact sheets, databases and mappings… Time for us to rethink how we present the huge amount of data we have collected, developed and created over time. Welcome to our new home! Come on through for an introduction to our new features and for an outlook on what’s coming next.