An introduction to the redesign of

A facelift for rethinking how we present data on youth policy and youth issues

How time flies! Three years of building an evidence-base for youth policy have gone by, with several extensions of our website to accommodate libraries, fact sheets, databases and mappings… Time for us to rethink how we present the huge amount of data we have collected, developed and created over time. Welcome to our new home! Come on through for an introduction to our new features and for an outlook on what’s coming next.


First Global Forum on Youth Policies: Putting our commitments to the community on the table

The First Global Forum on Youth Policies, hailed as ‘the most important youth forum of the decade,’ concluded with a commitment of all co-conveners to respect eight youth policy principles, discussed during the Forum, and to implement ten action points in the coming years. A month after the Forum ended, we are putting our own commitments to the community on the table. Click through for what we are planning to do in the next 3 years!


First Global Forum on Youth Policy: Our top 10 essential reading list for all those attending

Between the 28-30 October, the First Global Forum on Youth Policies will take place in Baku, Azerbaijan, bringing together 700 youth policy experts—from governments and parliaments, youth networks and movements, research and development communities—at a time when renewed interest in and momentum for youth policies struggles with multiple dilemmas and obstacles. Here is our Top 10 reading recommendations for all those attending!