Youth Wellbeing Index

Introducing the Youth Wellbeing Index

Youth Development Index

Introducing the Youth Development Index


Youth policy resources: participation structures

Participation structures

Our overview of structures, spaces and places showcases arenas for international youth participation: how and where can young people engage? More 

Youth policy resources: global overview

Youth policy database

We maintain a database of national youth policies for all ~200 states and publish an annual report on the state of youth policy. More 

Youth policy resources: academic youth journals

Academic journals

We maintain an overview of academic journals that publish on youth issues around the globe, sortable by region or by subscription type. More 

Youth policy resources: fact sheets

Youth policy fact sheets

Our new youth policy fact sheets provide an introduction to the state of youth policies, youth rights and youth participation for 198 countries. More 


The wealth of absent data on youth policy

The wealth of absent data on youth

As we progress through producing 200 fact sheets in 200 days, we not only document the state of youth policy and youth realities, we also showcase how substantively data is missing. Take a look at the more than 100 fact sheets that are live already. More 

The Second Coming of Copenhagen?

The Second Coming of Copenhagen?

As the 2014 negotiating year ground into action in Bonn last week, Luke Kemp takes a look at the dynamics surrounding the failure to create a global deal in Copenhagen in 2009, how those dynamics still exist, and the role of civil society and youth in changing them. More 


Advocacy for Democratic Governance and Respect of Human Rights

This article examines how state governance has affected the respect of human rights and democracy in Africa. Looking at young people specifically, it showcases how the trilogy of governance, human rights and democracy has remained dysfunct, not the least due to the African Poverty Trap. More 


The way here and the way forward: negotiating a new climate agreement

At the end of an unseasonably warm week, the sun is setting on yet another round of climate change negotiations. As this first round of 2014 draws to a close in Bonn, Nathan Thanki takes an in-depth look at the mysterious Ad-Hoc Working Group (ADP) and what progress has been made to date. More